Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Going from eBay to the Real World - and taking your profits with you

Here's a snippet from a recent email I received from Socrates Socratous, the author of MyDigital Dispatch - which explains the core idea of getting into eBay and getting that traffic to come back to your own site:

" #1. Ebay visitors are people searching to Buy something
whereas Search Engine traffic are mostly looking for free information.

#2. When selling digital products you can modify the
product AS you wish to be able to target any keywords you
want. (this is a little known trick)

#3. When you use the right software such as MyDD from
www.MyDigitalDispatch.com then you can immediately upsell
more expensive products to your customers Immediately after
the sale. (here is where the REAL cash is being made)

#4. Use the products as BAIT to build your list. Frankly
I started out on ebay with no list or products of my own.
Today, I have put over 250,000 people on my lists by leveraging
the people I got from ebay. We added the feature on MyDD
( www.MyDigitalDispatch.com ) to automatically add your customers
to your autoresponder."

Now - it's not all that simple, but that is the core ideas.

I'm still struggling to get my own backend created and so here's some of the additional steps I've had to take:

A) You have to have some digital product ready to ship. Something that people want to buy.

B) For Kunaki (who will be creating your CD and probably shipping it for you) this means you have to create a CD and have it in your CD drive ready for upload -- but...

You have to do the artwork first, unless you simply like generic versions which they can provide for you (cute, but not really effective as good copywriting would be...)

So - do the artwork (using their templates) and create your CD, then upload the whole thing using their program.

C) Next, you need some follow up products to upsell them. These can be straight digital products - as you've left eBay and their restrictions. Means you can have additional income within minutes of the auction closing.

That's the extra steps. To these I'd also add --

D) Get a website with an ecommerce engine running on it - so you can sell more and people can shop at their leisure. (Additionally, you'd have a newsletter or some way to get them onto your autoresponder mailing list and send them periodic discounted bonus offers, etc.)

Now - in the interests of transparency - these are the exact steps I've yet to complete. I've been working with websites for years, along with other marketing lines, and I find myself so busy with eBay sales and production (burning the CD's myself and creating new info products to offer) that I haven't taken the necessary time to create full artwork to get these up and running and uploaded to Kunaki. I don't even have MyDD up and running - it has been a problem with my host, which has complicated things.

Time is too short for much of these things.

But - now we know what to do and the sequence. If it were an ideal world, we could simply move from one to the next. But for now, just concentrate on the vital things and the smaller ones will take care of themselves.

Luck to us all - and Good Hunting!

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