Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Money making idea for Blogger users - plant your garden and weed.

Plant your blog garden and weed out the lookie-loo's which sprout.

You may have built up considerable PageRank through Blogger and other online blogs. But - the money is in having your own blog and bringing traffic to your own site. So having a WordPress blog makes sense (as SEO expert Dr. Andy Williams covers).

What to do?

Blog away on Word Press and then put the summary or enticing come-on snippet up on your Blogger page with all the links that are vital. You then follow the "rules" of blogging (short, pithy, frequent) and bring social media traffic to the site where you want them.

At that point, you start weeding the buyers and shoppers from the lookers/lurkers. Offer subscriptions, particularly paid subscriptions - probably at least one of each - in addition to outright offers and some sort of Auctiva deal about what auctions you are currently running.

You need seed for your garden - and then you can weed out the unprofitable ones.

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