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Online Millionaire Plan: Introduction - how to work from home and make money online in Internet Marketing


Imagine a world where you didn't have to work a 40-hour wage-slave job to earn an income. Sure, you worked for what you got, but it was only a few hours each week. And you did your hard work earlier; now it's all paying off. You can do whatever you want the rest of the day, with plenty of time and money to do it. Start projects, play golf, do art – anything you want.

[Is this a get-rich-quick scheme? No. Read on...]

In this Internet Ages, you can set your own financial system up to bring you money in exchange for sales you make over the Internet. You don't have to make anything – it's already made. You don't have to prospect and sell people on your product – your website does this. The money you make is automatically deposited into your accounts – for you to spend or reinvest as you chose.

The Internet – if it is properly used – improves efficiency and makes life easier.

The caveat is that this isn't for everyone. And it isn't free. Some people find it easier than others. And it only works to the degree you really invest yourself into it. You have to have a good product that helps people improve their lives – not some get-rich-quick scheme which is only a rip-off. And that knocks out about 90 percent of all the books about Internet marketing right now.

At the beginning, be prepared for 50 and 60 hour weeks or more. You aren’t going to drop your day job; you’re going to start a business and invest all your spare time (that you aren’t using to spend with family).

[Did I scare you off yet? No? Read on...]

However, from what I’ve researched and tested, the results are routine if you know and follow the simple plan many on-line millionaires have used. The trick is that the work you do accumulates and builds. You don’t just make one widget at a time and sell it online. You are setting up an exponentially growing scene which brings income based on very small inputs. But those inputs have to be put there – and the more you put there, the more you can leverage.

I've been studying up on how to make a million (or 2 or 3 or several dozen or more) by selling and delivering on the Internet. This means I've been doing the dirty work of reading all these hype-filled books (as well as the stuffy academic ones) to weed through and find the actual working systems which drive Internet economics.

What I've found had to meet some strict guidelines:

  • You didn't have to live near a large city with a large population – you can live anywhere you can get Internet access.

  • You don't have to have a lot of money to start with.

  • You don't have to quit your day job, or radically change the lifestyle you have.

  • You don't want to get another wage-slave job at the Internet, either. The idea is to free up your time and give you plenty of money to spend!

And after distilling all these books, tapes, and web pages – a really simple idea fell out.

This is really a fall-off-a-log simple idea:

You work up something which can be marketed, sold, and delivered without you having to touch anything.

With computers, the whole thing can be set up on semi-automatic and so you need to do almost nothing except amuse yourself by checking your bank account online.

Really, it can be that simple.

Your customers can be all over the planet, especially with digital products. The trick is that you are bringing the store to them - at their convenience. Yet you don't have to own, rent, or lease a building. You don't have to maintain a warehouse or an inventory (although you can use this same system to offer, sell, and deliver material products as well).

That is our modern, popular, and evolving market place.

And, like any successful millionaire or billionaire, you don’t just expect all your income to come from one place, one product, one storefront in this marketplace – or even just settling for one marketplace.

[Still sound too good to be true? Read on...]

This all started from needing to scratch an itch. Actually, the problem was that I am intensely creative and get very frustrated in having to work day jobs to make my spending cash. Seems I'm usually able to do things better than my bosses and so it isn't long before I'm completely bored and frustrated to tears at any job short of running the company myself.

On top of this, I live in the country – on a farm. I had done some studies years ago that anyone in a rural area should be able to equalize their incomes through using the Internet and available broadband connections.

Rural areas have lower costs of living, so the jobs pay remarkably poor as a result. They are set to keep you in the traces – “they only pay as much as you won't quit”.

But I was still on the cash-tight end of the scale. So, I used my peer-to-peer connection to find a few hundred books and programs and added on some fairly large hard drives to hold all the stuff I found. Then I made time to digest all these.

My study program is simple. Read a lot of great and not-so-great books and find the common points they all share. Then really study the best of these. Finally, distill the basics and edit them into a book – this book.

The reason this book is better than the ones I had to read is that you don't have to read all those books or do all that research. You have in front of you a digest of what is needed to start from nothing and take it to something. You also have the benefit that I've tried all these suggested ideas myself. Everything in this book can be made to work – it all depends on you, your hard work at the beginning, your ability to see it through.

[Here’s where you have to go to work for yourself...]

As you go through this book, feel free to take notes and review other sections – and come back to this one as much as you want. The deal here is that you need to learn this for your own sake. If you can get it all down pat in just one time through, fine. The rest of us build on the basis of reading, planning, and doing – then going back and read, plan, and act some more. Over and over.

That’s what I advise for you. Make this book into an action plan.

I don’t say this book is the last word in this subject, or that you can only do what is covered in this book. You are, actually, going to find better ways to do it than what you read here. And the material in this book is going to age, gracefully or not.

Continuing testing and review has made this book take longer than it should have – but that's the continuing drive to make what’s covered in this book only the most workable I can find. If you really understand and apply the concepts in this book exactly, then there is no reason on God's green earth that you don't have several million in income coming to you right now.

Again, it's up to you. The only guarantee I can make is that you will get out what you put in. If you create and sell and deliver a product which has a help value far in excess of what you charge – then you will receive income and returns far in excess of what you put into it.

[“Nothing ventured, nothing gained” goes the old phrase...]

I don’t include much on PPC or advertising in general in this book. Simply because to be effective in the advertising venues, you have to have deep pockets from the get-go. The premise of this book is that you and I don’t have or need a lot to get going. Another thing you won’t see is any of these hot SEO tricks to get you in the top standings. You will see some very simple and direct efforts that if done for long enough will have you in the top standings quickly enough.

And after I go over all the mundane ways to make a million or so, I’m going to briefly touch on some of the more esoteric ways to do that – as I’ve uncovered in doing this research up to this point. (I call it a postgraduate section... and you can find it at the back of this book as a bonus section.)

As I wrap up this book to take it to press, with all it’s many and varied ways for you to earn your millions online, I’ll work to improve the online version of this book, with tons of links to tools, ebooks, MP3’s, programs, and all sorts of tools to help you on your journey to your own millions – just as I am making mine.

Count on this book to be updated and improved as we go. As well, the mass of material which was cut in order to fit it into the biggest book size Lulu could handle (and still keep printing costs low) – will show up as various smaller, related books and published under this brand so you can find them.

The testing of this material will continue. While I initially thought to test each area as I wrote it up, I quickly got too excited with new ideas for products which I needed to get out (I currently have two other product lines, which were put on hold while I jumped this book to the head of my work-line). And so you are the winner here, with a complete book – way ahead of the refining tests and continuing research and final editing required for most books.

[So, I’m still in here with you even after you bought this huge text...]

I’ve even set the initial pre-release versions quite cheap so you can get them early – if, of course, you are a subscriber to my list... ;)

I’m also setting up a feedback system. Right now, as I turn this book into a blog/blook, you can comment on the individual parts as I publish them to my blog, http://onlinemillionaireplan.blogspot.com, I’ll respond to all comments as needed. Of course, you can heap your praise there as well...

What you are seeing in this book is the steps I am taking to make my own route to millions. The base we are starting from is having a day job (or two – remember, I farm) and a half-decent Internet connection. Plus some knowledge of how to put an HTML page together and keep my computers running. As my career on the West Coast left me with no retirement or benefits, for the most part, I started with nothing. I didn't have much to invest except my time. As I was already well into middle-age, I also had to spend this wisely.

While much of my own story will unfold through this book, the reason I wrote this was to help you make yourself an astounding success through your Internet connection – and your hard work at achieving that goal.

So this is how I’m making my first million and how you can, too.

I wish you the best of luck in what you do and how you do it.

Robert C. Worstell

Oct. 19, 2007

- - - -

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