Thursday, December 31, 2009

Get Your Self Scam Free - Introduction

How do you quit being a victim to every slick telemarketer out there? Is there anyway to see a scam and get out of their way?

I've been there and done that.

There are reasons people have been trained into being dupes. And all these reasons can be un-trained as well - if you know how.

I wrote the book this video is based on from the research I did to dig myself out of the hole I had been scammed into.

I decided not to get mad or get even – just get my money back somehow, write up what I had encountered, and then move on. And writing this book is part of moving on.

This video is the introduction to these lessons on how to get yourself scam free.

And so, any scam, fraud, telemarketer, or "business opportunity" that comes your way won't get the best of you.

Enjoy your new-found freedom!

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